Friday, August 5, 2016


Day 3 (August 3, 2016):

Our day was like a roller coaster of emotions…the morning was a bit heavy. We did our Grief and Loss session and Shirley Dufour shared her story of her 10 years in Indian Residential School from the age of 5 years to 14 years.

Her story is as unique as her but thousands of children have the similar painful story no child should have ever went through. She shared her long road back which eventually lead her to where she is today as a 69 year old retired Social Worker. Her story is a story of deep deep pain but of also resilience and like she said, I am more than a “Survivor”. She is defiantly that, she is a Hero, a Warrior Woman, a Beautifully Vibrant Spirited Indigenous Woman… she is so much more that there are no words to describe her…you need to be in a space with her to feel her soul…and you will understand she is so so much more…the Creator wasn’t messing around when he made her hahaha

It was a special morning listening to her story and others sharing parts of themselves too…for some, they have never shared what they shared. This shows our group is getting stronger each day and this place is part of creating these strong connections…it’s so inviting, loving, and safe!

The afternoon was awesome with horse back riding. We got used to our horses more and Tracey showed us great skills as she is a professional horse trainer and it was nice to listen and learn. I loved riding Maverick for a bit and remembered how much I hate trotting lol. So Tracey had me do it so I can learn to like it…I used to hate it so much we used to just put the horses straight into full gallop, when we were kids…but it’s never too late to change my ways hahaha

For supper, Morgan taught us how to make a very healthy raw food meal called Pan Tai and it was absolutely amazing…we also talked of the importance of respecting the food as you prepare it and thinking good thoughts and putting love and care into the food so that the food also assists you, and those you prepared for, to eat a healthy foods that also heals and feeds your soul, mind, and spirit too.

We were laughing lots and told the others we put laughter into it and it was so true because during our supper we had the hardest laughs to the point my stomach was hurting and I was crying hahahaha.

I was eating cherries my mom brought from British Columbia and they made my mouth, teeth, and tongue purple and it made everyone laugh so hard…we couldn’t stop laughing…the healing was so amazing…and for those who really know me, I am VERY SHY (hee hee) jokes! I can already hear my family and friends as they read this say, “YA RIGHT” and laugh shaking there heads.

Yup I lost 3 pounds off my belly with all that laughing (hahahahaha…..)

Oh ya, on my afternoon walk around the huge lands area, I found some memekwesis (little people) and their I think I will go take some things to them this weekend..always have to say hello to my Clan...

The evening was closed with some deep yoga…oh my, am I out of shape lol

I was stretching, ouching…if that is even a word…but if it isn’t, it is now!

It was all good though, so grateful for Callie doing Yoga with us and for being such a young woman, very inspiring to see a youth going to school to become a Yoga Instructor. I feel the same about Morgan, she is learning about Healthy Foods etc..and teaching us so so much. Kind of missing Brenda already and her teachings, this is Tracey’s sister who is teaching us all the medicines etc…but we will see her next week...YA!

Now Sheri is getting pretty prepped to be a hunter...she is learning Archery and damb...I'm already scared! 15 minutes in, she was hitting her targets...I yelled,"Hey sister, let your ancestral instincts kick in"...and all be dambed, she hit 4 arrows in all 4 if that isn't Indian enough for anyone, I don't know what is hahaha!

Humbled, Inspired, Healing, Loving, Laughter, Joy

…so many emotions today…we closed with Smores by the fire and good ol' fashion story telling.

I also posted some of my experiences so far on Facebook check them out!

As for the end of the day...I walked back to my tent in the dark of night to Sheri snoring & she woke up saying she heard something there I was again outside checking to make sure she was safe...we wouldn't want Sasquatch to take a shining to her...hahaha...I might be bringing home another relative I didn't expect...8 foot tall and 400 pounds...but hey, we don't choose our relations!

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