Thursday, January 21, 2010

Purpose in Life

I have been thinking about my "purpose"... A lady told me that when we were born the Creator, (God, Higher Power, what ever you want to call the one who created us) he/she whispered our purpose in our ear & that's why we have an indent above our upper lip because he/she pressed their finger on it & whispered, "shhhh, now go out & fulfill your purpose"!

I thought this was an interesting concept because that implies none of us are junk or a mistake...we are all here for a reason and we are part of the cycle of life. I like that, I like belonging, and feeling that I am part of a bigger picture, spirit feels so warm & worthy.

If I want, I could feel overwhelmed at this responsibility but I choose to keep it simple! So for yesterday, I made sure to hug and/or kiss those who I love. I have an auntie who is very sick and it will be her time, any day now, to join our past relatives in the next life. But yesterday, as she lay there so fragile and fighting for breath, I looked into her eyes, the windows of the soul and whispered to her, "I love you". Then I let my soul speak to her soul & I said, "auntie you have suffered & lived a long life, it's okay, we will be okay, you don't need to suffer anymore". She couldn't respond but I know nihkawiyis (lil mother) heard me. This tiny huge hearted woman lasted the night but as I travel to go see her again tonight, there is a chance she might leave us before I get there. All I know, is my last moment with her was ours, two souls speaking a purpose.

Keep it Simple! If your not sure what your purpose is, take a moment and ask your still and listen, shhhhhhhhhhh

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tansi All!

Well this is the beginning of my PERSONAL blogging experience. Or should I say, the beginning of my journey to share my experiences with my "purpose in life"!

I am a Free-Spirited Cree "Wo"man empowering spirits to awaken & honor their unique connections with others!

Recently, I attended an amazing workshop focused on teaching me on how I can contribute & get 100% out of life. This workshop has a significant title ~ CHOICES! It's title speaks the truth of it's nature, life is about choices & our choices govern how much we choose to be part of life or not be part of life. Well, I don't know about the rest of you, I choose to give it my all, I challenge you too to be part of the "Journey of Life".