Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bucket List Item ~ COMPLETED


Well this was an experience so worth it, especially accomplishing it with my son & nephew.  It gave me the permission to go after my dreams & keep moving forward.  Just doing that "Leap of Faith" is so FREEING. I just can't explain or destribe it enough, it was a Personal Unique Experience".

The other great appreciation was my mom, spouse, & sister in-law were there to share in the joy! These are sure memories I will share with my grandchildren...but I think this experience released the WILD Side of my son... he's addicted :).  He says he's going to get his skydiving license & I might just do it with him.  Mother & Son DUO (belly laugh).

Here are a few pics to what R U doing to experience LIFE & test your limits......hmmmmmm.....can't do it sitting in front of this computer :).