Friday, May 7, 2010

The Greatest Day of My Life - Wednesday, May 7, 1986

Can you guess what day this was.....hmmm. This is when the Creator honored me by lending me one of his greatest creations to love, honor, respect, and cherish ~ Germain Ian Houle.  This was the day my son was born at 4:13AM in Edmonton, AB at the Charles Campsell Hospital 24 yrs ago on a warm & sunny day. 

He comes from two very strong families and I believe has many special gifts waiting to be released on the world.  The Creator chose Germain to be my only gift but before I knew this many years later, I still tried my best to raise him & always remember in my heart he is "a gift" & I had to treat him as such.  I never claimed perfection but I did give my best....after all this kid didn't come with instructions, hee hee!

This is my day to honor my son!  I was so happy I got to bring you home on a Sunday on Mother's Day in 1986.

As your mother, I do & will always wish for you to follow your heart and strive to be the best you can be.  Like I always told you, I am not your friend but your mother.  Therefore, my job is raise you to be a strong & productive member of society sharing & caring your heart with you where ever you go.  Your job, as my son, is to exceed me!  You are after all "Geronimo" as your late capan, Ralph Cardinal used to call you.

Last but not least, always be proud of where you come from.  Honor all your relations my son...carry them with you in your heart for they will guide you!