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NorthEast Two-Spirit Society | Why I Hate Redskins, But Love American Indians - Stanford Indian Mascot

Why I Hate Redskins, But Love American Indians - Stanford Indian Mascot

Below is a video from Myrton Running Wolf, a Ph.D. Candidate at Stanford University, on a local response to national issue of the Native mascots - "Resurrecting the [Stanford] Indian Mascot" project.

Stanford's Indian mascot was banned in 1972 for its offensive mockery of American Indian cultures. However, every year, many pre-Cardinal alumni start up again. Some arrogantly continue to parade their Stanford Indian sweaters, headbands, and Halloween-like makeup to campus events.

CLICK HERE for photo history to the mascot (1911-present).

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What if Money Were No Object? ~ Alan Watts

Published on Jul 23, 2013
You can profit from your passions. What would you do with your life if money were no object?

We're a dream-building, debt-busting dynamic duo encouraging others to rekindle ambition and profit from passions!

“Life, like a mirror, never gives back more than we put into it” ~ Anonymous

Trying, is lying
....Could, didn’t get it done
........Should, never comes
............Almost, is it didn’t happen
................yesterday, today, tomorrow...which one do I choose?

Change our intentions to show we lived life...

Did, mean “done"
....Experienced, means you felt it
........Will, means you got a goal with action
............Boy oh boy, do I have a story to tell you...Happened!



Just something, simple, to think about???

Tuesday, September 24, 2013





I just found out I'm allergic to a plastic, polypropylene, in combination with other toxins (cumulative effect) like second hand tobacco smoking...put me in hospital 2X in the last month (August & September 2013).  It's widely used in materials that come into direct contact with us, our skin (largest sponge on our body) & goes straight to our bloodstream.  It's used to wrap food & it's banned in some landfill because it's a toxic chemical but we use it every single day.  One article I read stated, it's a "ticking time bomb" waiting to happen (Women Beware) because it's even used in paper products, gauges, anything absorbent like pampers, clothes, cloths, feminine products, food containers.  This oil based product (plastic) is everywhere.  I remember watching a documentary with Olivia Newton--John made in 1998  (54 Min Documentary called "Olivia Newton-John, Environmental Links to Breast Cancer" & referenced 10 mins in Part 2 of 4 in her YouTube Video) & she researched her breast cancer to plastic being one of the main causes because cancer cells need the hormone, oestrogen as food to multiple & plastic acts like oestrogen.  This was known about 6 yrs before news came out to the public on the effects of plastic in baby bottles etc.. (remember those news stories).  I was also talking with a doctor who said that due to the increased toxic environment & due to the effects of damaging the earth, health issues have increased with allergies and respiratory crisis (try imagine taking deep breaths & not feeling like getting enough oxygen, it's like your suffocating then it takes everything in you to not panic…scariest feeling.  It's what I go through with second hand cigarette smoke).  Babies & Elders are highest risk
of all these medical issues (my grand daughter has allergies too & eczema).  Anyways, wanna know more google "polypropylene" & see for yourself...yup gotta do more changes in my house...again
At this rate, Kenny said I'll have to live in a bubble but it's made of plastic lol 
My body keeps telling me it don't want to be a toxic sludge, it wants to live in a healthy vibrant environment but $$ seems to talk louder hmmmmm
                                                           …….no "GO LIFE"

Little Historical Economic Tidbit: By World War I, Henry Ford made a bio-degradable vehicle & put a bid to assist in the war effort during WWII.  Well the Oil-based Plastic Industry was fairly new & put a bid in too but plastic got the contract and this is when plastic became "famous" and widely used Internationally...because it was CHEAPER to produce!
80 + yrs later we are reaping in it's "success" or should I say "garbage"!

IDLE NO MORE: #Oct7ProClaim
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We as humans are the "demand" for this industry - I'm guilty of that, it's obvious but I have no more room for "bliss" (ignorance) when my life or my future generations lives are on the line....literally!

No Demand = No Need
Demand = Eco-Friendly + Sustainability

* * * * * * * *

* * * * * * *


(some information but their is extensive research)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Healing Walk 2013 - Syncrude

Just Because You Don't See, Breath, or Feel it Everyday...Doesn't Mean it Isn't Happening...

Walk 14 KM in our Shoes through Syncrude...and you will understand the need to ACTION...

On July 6, hundreds of people participated in the 2013 Healing Walk to raise awareness about the devastating impacts of the tar sands on human health and our environment. Watch and share the video to help stop the destruction and start the healing.

August 24th 2013, HWY 63 is scheduled to be shut down for one day!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wake Up to the Indigenous Comeback...


Wake up to the aboriginal comeback


Great wrong was done to indigenous peoples when they were not in a strong position to resist, although they did resist as best they could in the circumstances. But I have never heard a First Nations, M├ętis or Inuit person say they wanted to be seen primarily as a victim. That would be marginalizing and demeaning. What they want is that their situation be understood. They want responsibility taken. They want to be heard. They want their dignity back...." CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE
* Personal note: "Aboriginal" is a label given by our top oppressors and assimilators under Indian Act polices


Saturday, July 20, 2013

This is not an Indian Thing, This is a Human Being Thing - Grey Days

Published on Jul 20, 2013
This YouTube highlights a passionate speech by Shannon M Houle who is a Cree & Dene woman of Saddle Lake Cree Nation Treaty #6 Territory of Turtle Island and one of my facebook friends too. Shannon is a Mother, grandmother, educator, & advocator who spoke earlier this year during the "May Day" workers day rally and march...

This is an ARTISTIC EXPRESSION by me (Grey Day Series) and NOT a Civil Information Action Report - ENJOY!

Doug Brinkman
Civil Information Activism/ News Web Site -

Sunday, June 30, 2013

AFN Chief Shawn Atleo promises July 1st visit to sacred fire encampment

Anti-Shale action at Roger Augustine's Fishermen's Pow Wow catches big haul

AFN Chief Shawn Atleo promises July 1st visit to sacred fire encampment

MIRAMICHI, NEW BRUNSWICK - Roger Augustine's 'Fishermen's Pow Wow' is a weekend celebration that attracts, among others, the who's who A-list of Indian Act chiefs and New Brunswick provincial politicians. With anti-shale gas actions continuing about an hour's drive to the south - at the sacred fire encampment in Elsipogtog First Nation - the Fishermen's Pow Wow was a perfect opportunity to stage an action to grab the attention of the local political movers and shakers...READ MORE


Jun 30, 2013 3:17pm
National Chief Shawn Atleo talking to Chief Sock and Chief Paul on the phone

Monday, June 3, 2013



I welcome all Saddle Lake Cree Nation members who want to be pro-active voters in our 2013 Elections.  I invite you to this Open Form to ask me questions regarding my platform, share your needs, vision, and hopes for our nation.  Also, this is an opportunity to get to know me in hopes to create constructive dialogue while working towards teamwork, unity, and solidarity.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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Monday, May 27, 2013


Take A Stand (Idle No More Tribute) - Reddnation & Asani

(Copied From YouTube May 27, 2013)

Published on Mar 3, 2013

Thank you IDLE NO MORE founders, leaders, and warriors for the inspiration. :)

Take A Stand
(K. Laboucan, D. Brule, W. Strongheart, S. Sewepagaham, D. Houle, S. Pocklington)

Madjikal - Verse 1
Time to rise up, time to take the stand
To protect the children, protect the land
Protect those waters and everything in it
Because another government is changing minute by minute
Passing bill by bill without consultation
Affecting all Canadians and all First Nations
Now we must fight and let our voices unite
Until we're one nation, one tribe, one light

Asani - Chorus
Every mother, every father
Every son and daughter
Unite our voice with loving hearts
Join our hands and we will start
To harmonize our nation
Future generations

Ill Logikal - Verse 2
Rally after rally, til the bill's finale
We here to kill bill, iron will mentality
We flashin that skill gettin hotter than Brazil
C-45's real as a three dollar bill
All my people stand up now
Say it loud "we not backin down!"
Stay proud, bang that drum real loud
Stay proud, bang that drum real loud

Asani - Chorus
Every mother, every father
Every son and daughter
Unite our voice with loving hearts
Join our hands and we will start
To harmonize our nation
Future generations

Rayne - Verse 3
Close your eyes and listen to her heartbeat
Its Mother Earth and she's crying to us softly
She said "Son, will you please fight for me?
And pray with the sweetgrass, burn it slowly."
I, felt pride seen an Elder stand up
He said "I sing not for me but for my grandson."
And as the man reached over for his hand drum
We sang the chorus to a united anthem


(Reddnation & Asani)
Time to rise up, time to take a stand
Time to rise up, time to take a stand
Time to rise up, time to take a stand
Time to rise up, time to take a stand
Time to rise up, time to take a stand
Time to rise up, time to take a stand
Time to rise up, time to take a stand
Time to rise up, time to take a stand

Asani - Chorus
Every mother, every father
Every son and daughter
Unite our voice with loving hearts
Join our hands and we will start
To harmonize our nation
Future generations

Visit Reddnation at:

Visit Asani at:

Visit Idle No More at:

Idle No More Vision Statement

INM has and will continue to help build sovereignty & resurgence of nationhood
INM will continue to pressure government and industry to protect the environment
INM will continue to build allies in order to reframe the nation to nation relationship, this will be done by including grassroots perspectives, issues and concerns


I challenge all youth to take the songs created for & from being Empowered by Idle No More and Sing The Songs or do an Air Guitar or a Drama Presentation or whatever you think will ROCK in your community, or at your Graduation...use your imagination and record it and upload the video presentations to YouTube and tag on Idle No More Media Channel or email the link to

There are tons of Idle No More Songs out them out on YouTube, iTunes & other media locations...


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rethinking Our Relationship with Mother Earth

"... As we all stand here, united, we need to remember, we are borrowing all of this from our children! It is our responsibility to educate our children, others, and ourselves on how we are going to save all that is familiar! We need to rethink our relationship with Mother Earth, realize we are all iyiniwak (human beings) and all interconnected, interdependent and part of the Whole, which creates the largest ecosystem on this planet. We need each other and we need to work together to repeal the Bills, and protect the sacred Treaties, which Indigenous people and scientists confirm, are humanity’s best defense in protecting Mother Earth (the Environment) and all the land, water, air, and all that is living! ..."

Shannon M Houle
Idle No More

Monday, March 11, 2013


When you lay your children down to sleep tonight, look at them in the eyes and thank them for being the holders of hope for all of us.

For it is them, who are the true leaders, the true ancestors because of their innocence they are not tainted by greed or illusions, only unconditional love and the true connection to the Creator.

As we age, many forget those memories of our time with Creator and start to believe the illusions of this world.

This is why, I ask you to thank your children for having the hope for all of us because if they didn't we truly would have destroyed our Mother long ago...we need to remember who's womb we come from and what waters helped create us, to truly save ourselves because it is not fair for our children to carry such a burden.

Thank you children & hopefully you see their hope and commit to ease their burden.

We must be Idle No More!

Sunday, March 10, 2013



Just because this is not in your house;
Just because this is not in your back yard;
Just because this isn't on your TV, iPad, iPhone;
Just because this isn't on the news everyday;

Or on billboards;
Or on T-Shirts;
Or on Posters;

In books;
Talked about everyday;
Or some celebrity hasn't endorsed it;


It's happening everyday...
                             we decide it's okay...
                                                        to use non-renewable resources;

And we continue to be slaves to the oil and gas industry;

When is ENOUGH going to be ENOUGH???

When we open the bellies of our children and all we see is plastic?????

I choose _______________________ today!

by Shannon M Houle

Library of Most Controversial Files

This video is about an island in the ocean at 2000 km from any other coast line. Nobody lives, only birds and yet, you will not believe what you will see here.

Please don't throw anything into the sea. Unbelievable, just look at the consequences.

For more news and stories visit us at:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

All I've Learned Prepared me for Idle No More

I remember going to an International Indigenous Leadership Gathering ( a few years back in Lillooet, BC and for 4 days I listened to Elders, Spiritual People from all over the world, Dene, Mayan, Hawaiian, New Zealanders, even David Sukuki...and they all had a similar message, "we need to make change today, not tomorrow, and honor who we are as Indigenous People and use our knowledge given to us by the Creator to make change in the World".  However, there were other messages I walked away with that stuck with me:

  1. We all need to assist our Indigenous brothers and sisters to see how they are affecting the rest of the world with their compliance and acceptance of Oil Exploration because Alberta region has one of the world's largest Oil Tarsands.  They need to see how Mother Earth is being violated.  We need to help them see through prayer, ceremony, and sharing our knowledge.
  2. then David Suzuki explained how we only have one planet and not another to go too, even though they are looking for one lol  It reminds me of Indigenous People on Turtle Island and also the South American Indigenous People, once these lands and waters are raped and destroyed, it's not like we can go anywhere else...or will there be anywhere in the world to go after this...NOPE!  I pray for the Aborigines of Australia now because they recently just found a trillion $ worth pool of oil and the only way to extract is through fracking.  They will need all of us too.
  3. Then, this message which reminds me of this amazing young lady, Ta'Kaiya Blaney, even though her message speaks of our responsibility and accountability to 7 generations ahead and behind us... "Our Ancestors are being born in our children today, this is why we see our children with a knowing like they are old souls, and as parents, we need to honor and respect our role.  Therefore, be the best parents we can be and support our children to share their gifts and knowledge so we can be there for them when they create change in the world".

Ever since I heard about Idle No More, it seemed, everything I've done, learned, and experienced was preparing me for this time in our existence.  As I reflect further, I think of my late grandmother (nohkom) Roseanna Houle.  She was only with us for a short time, she went on to the Ancestors when I was 9 yrs old and in that short time with us, it seemed she selected certain stories and/or teachings for us to use today.  She explained, in Cree, how all human beings had gifts from Creator, how they stopped listening and talking to the animals, therefore; loosing their way.  She also spoke of a time of great change in the world and how a child will lead many teachings that prepared us for today...

I encourage you all to search this young lady out on Internet and listen to her word's or, in other words ~ listen to our Ancestral messages, after all, she is our grandchildren's Ancestor.

Water Is Life...

Stop Waiting for Tomorrow and Stop Living for Tomorrow, we need to live for Today!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Idle No More...and the Heart of Women!

Idle No More Founders

JANUARY 17, 2013



Idle No More...And the Woman took over!

JANUARY 16, 2013


I am in awe, then I read what Aaron wrote and I cry, not for sadness or pain but humility, pride, honor, appreciation, beauty, expression, love, respect, giftedness, and that warrior inside of me that knows there is a better way! 

About the painting: Like this movement, this piece is a work in progress. It’s depicting the 8th fire and okicitaw (9 clan mothers/warrior women during Treaty making). There are 8 figures, the ninth is represented by any female viewer, reminding us that we are all necessary to keep Treaties alive.

The Meaning is the Message – thoughts on truth, history and Idle No More

As I write this, I’m listening to an Elder speak. He’s streaming live – a digital town hall meeting. He’s recounting his experiences in Residential School as a boy. As his gentle voice speaks I relive the horror. I’ve been hearing these stories for years now and they never get easier.
He’s talking about the babies they burned at school that were fathered by the priests on the young native girls. He’s worried that telling his story will offend his neighbours.
Today there were road blocks across Canada.
Now, I’m not an advocate for these road blocks, I feel there is a chance of putting innocent people in danger and it only fosters animosity, makes enemies of people we want as friends; gives license for violence against indigenous people in the court of public opinion. I understand the arguments for them, but I am still uneasy.
Like the Elder, I don’t want to offend my neighbour. I want to befriend my neighbour. And I want to share my love of the water, the land, the air we breathe. I hope my neighbour will come to care about these things, too. That they will see how it affects us all. However, if standing up and speaking offends you, then I guess we’ll all just have to live with that.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen animosity grow, hatred and racism reveal itself, unashamed.
But we’ve also seen the good in people, and that has far outweighed the bad...READ MORE...

I do all this for nosisim (my grandchild)...and the ones yet unborn!



Bullet Proof comes from ..."[the] reaction to the years of intense battle, loss of land, broken treaties, and cultural restrictions, those Lakota who practiced the Ghost Dance began to make sacred shirts that were believed to be "bullet-proof"... maybe the Spirit of Idle No More are those Sacred Shirts!

Native American History: Ghost Dance

Received from Native American History: Ghost Dance
Ceremonial Buffalo Skull: Ghost Dance
Ceremonial Buffalo Skull: Ghost Dance
A mysterious and often misunderstood Native American ritual, the Ghost Dance once inspired fear among white Americans during the late 19th century.
…but, this ominous (interesting Bill C-45 is called the ominous bill) spirit dance actually began as a nonviolent religious movement called “fight no one and hate no one”.
Origins of the Ghost Dance
The Ghost Dance movement was born from a vision of the Paiute prophet, Wovoka. He prophesied that this dance would bring peace and happiness to the devastated Indian tribes – disease had ravaged the Indian population and their numbers were decimated; many of their land treaties with the white settlers had been broken and the Native American people were forcefully relocated to reservations…they had been stripped of their land, their culture, and their freedom.
A hope for peace
During this time of profound misery, Wovoka began to practice and teach the Indian tribes this spirit dance to give them hope and help them overcome their pain and suffering.
It was believed the dance would incite a great apocalypse and ultimately lead to a peaceful end of the white American expansion, the preservation of the Native American culture, and the return of the buffalo.
The Lakota version of the dance
As the dance spread throughout the Plains Indian tribes of the West, each began to fuse elements of the ritual with their own beliefs. Although violence and rebellion against white Americans was never a part of the Ghost Dance, many Lakota (a once proud warrior society) were willing to die to protect it.
By the late 1800s, countless Lakota traditions had already been banned by the government. It seemed they had few alternatives left other than to use force against their oppressors – from reservation police, government agents, and the military, to white settlers – in defense of their culture and the few traditions they had left.
In reaction to the years of intense battle, loss of land, broken treaties, and cultural restrictions, those Lakota who practiced the Ghost Dance began to make sacred shirts that were believed to be "bullet-proof".
Native American Ghost Dance Dress
Ghost Dance Dress
Ghost Dance shirts & dresses
Made of animal hide adorned with fringe and feathers, the paintings decorating aGhost Dance dress or shirt ranged from the very simple to the complex with elaborate designs that represented their mythology, such as the sun, moon, stars, as well as trance-like visions.
This sacred clothing was worn by all believers – man, woman, or child – as an outside garment during the sacred dance, but it was also thought to have been worn at other times under ordinary dress.
The Ghost Dance comes to a tragic end
The Ghost Dance is often linked to Lakota resistance and the white Americans’ fear of an Indian uprising. On December 29, 1890, this atmosphere of volatile distrust finally erupted in a bloody massacre – the Ghost Dance ended in tragedy at Wounded Knee....READ FURTHER