Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Day 2 (August 2, 2016):

Every person who heals, helps heal all those who came before them and helps heal all those after them!

This was another full day.  We had our great morning breakfast and started the day with Shirley on our Grief and Loss sessions.  We met her today and she is Tim’s mother.  Tim is Tracey’s husband and they own the Painted Warriors Ranch and Archery.  They have collaborated with Shirley on this Intergenerational Trauma and Residential School Healing Program.

Book we are Reading
It was a tough morning with sharing and beginning our personal work.  We received our plan and expectations etc..  I wanted to start off into this program 100% as I feel I will get out of this program what I put into it…I’m really tired of carrying this crap and some of it isn’t mine but what I inherited. 

Even though I know this will be hard work, I’m grateful to let it go…I am so ready.  No matter how much a person heals, there is usually another layer waiting to be discovered and released…this is that time again because in the last three years I have not only seen my family dynamics and result of Indian Residential School Genocide over the years on my healing journey but also saw and was fully immersed in it at a nation/community level and at this level it’s so intense at times because it’s at such a destructive & heavy hearted level.  Meaning we see the result of genocide from looking at the high levels of social issues like high addictions, abuses, crime, lateral violence, suicides, poverty, neglected youth, elders, and children etc…

None of us are immune to it…we are all interconnected and it affects us all…WHY?  Because we are all related!

Just coming here, I had to place my family in Creator’s hands…because when I leave here, I pray my family will and is surviving…I say surviving because at this point they are no long living, they are surviving, which is sad and heartbreaking.

Healing Salves: Comfrey Oil & Infused Sage and Rosemary Oil
This is why I am giving 100% to this program, I don’t want to carry this anymore, I want my children (my son and daughter-law) and my grandchildren to find some sort of healing too…so they can start living and my grandbabies can live a life they deserve…a life with more love than pain, with more kindness than anger, more joy, laughter, freedom, and peace…than all the generations before them.

Bees Wax for Deodorant & Salves
Filling the deodorant Containers
Comfrey Compress for First Aid Wounds
Crushing Comfrey Leaf

Finished products: Deodorant & Healing Salves
As the day continued and our Grief and Loss session was over we learned how to make natural deodorants, pain salves, and healing compress with plants readily available and for pennies to make with basic tools and supplies.  All I know is I am sold…love returning back to our original teachings of accessing our healing medicines, foods, personal hygiene products off the land…

  • Comfrey Compress: Crushed Comfrey Leaf to freeze and ready to heal wounds, bruises etc...speeds recovery.

Comfrey Leaves
  • Yarrow & Popular Salve with Bees Wax Salve: Helps with pain relief, some arthritis, bruising etc..
    • Sage & Rosemary with Bees Wax and Cocoa Butter Deodorant: Excellent underarm deodorant.  One thing we learned is that any products to be placed on your body should be eatable and if it's not, then usually not safe for the body as we absorb it through our skin and no different than eating it...we are what we eat, well..we are what we put on our bodies...
      • You can also add Essential Oils into your deodorants depending on gender like Geranium, Clary Sage, & Ylang Ylang for Women and Juniper, Black Spruce, & Cedar Wood for Men.  These Essential Oils help balance the person & compliment their genetic makeup.

    We ended the day with Yoga and chatting with each other after…the rain slowed our day a little. We didn’t get to spend time with the horses but that is another day…

    Grateful for today and blessed to have met these amazing souls…journey on!

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