Tuesday, August 2, 2016

RED ROAD TO HEALING JOURNEY: 30 Day Personal Journey Grounded on the Land

DAY 1 (Monday, August 1, 2016):

Today was a memorable day of mixed feelings and awareness.  Today was the first day back on the lands, sleeping in canvas tents again like my childhood when mama would make the tents to keep us sheltered.  I am on Day one of a thirty day healing journey.  

The morning was being silly and having some fun...Sasquatch made an appearance hahaha...

It’s called the Red Road to Healing and our journey is to look and resolve, come to terms with, and release the crippling effects of Indian Residential School indoctrination which has created a life of it’s own and continues to be unconsciously enforced through the generations of our people.  Just like parenting skills and teachings are passed through the generations…as Indigenous Peoples, these sacred teachings of our peoples have been replaced by our oppressors and the genocide continues…we are a fractured people!

This is Day one of decolonizing my mind, heart, soul, and body…and recolonize back to our origin, as strong, proud self sustaining sovereign Indigenous Peoples of our lands…

Today was getting familiar with everyone, the lands, the animals and getting used to being and sharing these spaces for the next thirty days…

We did a little relaxation, learned to make some healthier meals over a camp fire with healthier living foods (greens etc) and wild meat.  We can Salad, Antelope Skewers, & Wild Rice.

Then we moved onto our next agenda, the Land – it continued to be our classroom and we walked the land and learned of foods and medicines our people have known for thousands and thousands of years like wild spinach, wild chia which is also flour, White Popular has a sweet sap for our sugar and for those who know the Creation Stories it helps with bone or wound repair, the White Popular was the tree Creator used to make our bones.  It’s white powder is also used to protect our skin too.  There are so many foods we can eat that non Indigenous society calls “weeds” but there are no weeds on our lands, there is only food and medicine…many medicines Western Society can not cure illnesses but ours can, including prevent illnesses & keep us healthy. 

As my dear friend and brother, Dr. James Makokis and others like Elder Jim O’Chiese and others speak and teach about…it is no wonder our people can not be healed from the Western medicines, our medicines are made to heal the bodies of the people who come from these lands on Turtle Island…it is common sense!  Hahaha

Later we connected with the horse spirits and met our friends, allies etc.. for the next thirty days… my partner’s name is Maverick, he is about 12 years old and a beautiful gentle spirited horse but I can see some challenging spunk in him, he was testing me today (hahaha) but we soon became friends.  I look forward to getting on him tomorrow and riding like I did when I was a teen…I so miss horses.  They always remind me of my dad and brother, the days of rodeos, my grandparent’s family farm, and all the good times.

Today, I’m so grateful for this opportunity to commit and invest in Shannon and my healing.  I was in a very toxic environment created by the oppressors…an environment our people are unconsciously enforcing… that corrupt Indian Act system…but today, I am on a different journey and reconnecting to the laws of our people… on the land, taking in the water, breathing the air, and absorbing the sun…these are the real laws and the laws of treaty too…the ‘True Spirit and Intent” of Creation!

PS: These are my raw journals & as real as they will get in the moment I am feeling or experiencing them…they are mine, no one else’s, my perceptions, my journey; therefore, free of other’s opinions, unless you are in my head, heart, body, & soul!  Humbled respect!

(White Wolf)

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