Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Solar Summit 2015 Report

Hello Everyone,

Here is my Solar Summit 2015 Report I would like to share and open for all band membership for information and also potential opportunities towards self sufficiency and/or nationhood sufficiency. Currently Saddle Lake Cree Nation is w
orking on a Solar Panel project n the Water Treatment Plant which can potentially save us over $200,000 per year instead of using fossil fuel (coal) energy through ATCO Electric.

Please see the hyperlinks and feel free to share with others on my Scribe Account for Public Access for download.

Solar Summit 2015 Report:
Solar Summit 2015 1 of 3 What is Solar?: 
Solar Summit 2015 2 of 3 Electrical Alberta Diagram: 
Solar Summit 2015 3 of 3 Funding & Financing: 

Shannon M Houle
Councillor, Onihcikiskiwapowin (Saddle Lake Cree Nation) of Treaty # 6 Territory
In Solidarity