Friday, November 30, 2012

ATEP graduates enter teaching profession as proud alumni

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Bachelor of Education

University of Alberta 2012
(L-R) Enaam Moghrahi, Shannon M Houle, Joyce Vandermaas, Serena Inscho, Heather Spokowski, Lisa Lefebvre, Vivian Wirth, and Jennifer Spence 
As just under 200 students walk the stage at fall convocation 2012–and just as many unique stories with them—we look at this time to some of our ATEP graduates for their reaction to graduating and their thoughts on what they see in their future as educators...

...Shannon Houle from Saddle Lake says she is already seeing the benefits of graduating from the ATEP program. She started teaching this year in a northern community.
Houle“Having a program like ATEP is so important. Today I am getting my BEd degree, but I have also been given the opportunity to...To Read more CLICK HERE

Monday, November 26, 2012

Crystal Lameman...Standing Up for our True Mother

Crystal Lameman, Beaver Creek Cree Nation, Canada

“It is my obligation as a mother, my obligation to my ancestors to ensure we have our rights respected. It’s my obligation to my future generations and most of all to our own true mother—something each and every one of us here has in common. That obligation can never be surrendered. We are keepers of the land, stewards of the land. Every single thing that a human being needs to survive is here in Canada.”

Activist Interview with Crystal Lameman from Nobel Women's Initiative on Vimeo.

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