Monday, March 11, 2013


When you lay your children down to sleep tonight, look at them in the eyes and thank them for being the holders of hope for all of us.

For it is them, who are the true leaders, the true ancestors because of their innocence they are not tainted by greed or illusions, only unconditional love and the true connection to the Creator.

As we age, many forget those memories of our time with Creator and start to believe the illusions of this world.

This is why, I ask you to thank your children for having the hope for all of us because if they didn't we truly would have destroyed our Mother long ago...we need to remember who's womb we come from and what waters helped create us, to truly save ourselves because it is not fair for our children to carry such a burden.

Thank you children & hopefully you see their hope and commit to ease their burden.

We must be Idle No More!

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