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I just found out I'm allergic to a plastic, polypropylene, in combination with other toxins (cumulative effect) like second hand tobacco smoking...put me in hospital 2X in the last month (August & September 2013).  It's widely used in materials that come into direct contact with us, our skin (largest sponge on our body) & goes straight to our bloodstream.  It's used to wrap food & it's banned in some landfill because it's a toxic chemical but we use it every single day.  One article I read stated, it's a "ticking time bomb" waiting to happen (Women Beware) because it's even used in paper products, gauges, anything absorbent like pampers, clothes, cloths, feminine products, food containers.  This oil based product (plastic) is everywhere.  I remember watching a documentary with Olivia Newton--John made in 1998  (54 Min Documentary called "Olivia Newton-John, Environmental Links to Breast Cancer" & referenced 10 mins in Part 2 of 4 in her YouTube Video) & she researched her breast cancer to plastic being one of the main causes because cancer cells need the hormone, oestrogen as food to multiple & plastic acts like oestrogen.  This was known about 6 yrs before news came out to the public on the effects of plastic in baby bottles etc.. (remember those news stories).  I was also talking with a doctor who said that due to the increased toxic environment & due to the effects of damaging the earth, health issues have increased with allergies and respiratory crisis (try imagine taking deep breaths & not feeling like getting enough oxygen, it's like your suffocating then it takes everything in you to not panic…scariest feeling.  It's what I go through with second hand cigarette smoke).  Babies & Elders are highest risk
of all these medical issues (my grand daughter has allergies too & eczema).  Anyways, wanna know more google "polypropylene" & see for yourself...yup gotta do more changes in my house...again
At this rate, Kenny said I'll have to live in a bubble but it's made of plastic lol 
My body keeps telling me it don't want to be a toxic sludge, it wants to live in a healthy vibrant environment but $$ seems to talk louder hmmmmm
                                                           …….no "GO LIFE"

Little Historical Economic Tidbit: By World War I, Henry Ford made a bio-degradable vehicle & put a bid to assist in the war effort during WWII.  Well the Oil-based Plastic Industry was fairly new & put a bid in too but plastic got the contract and this is when plastic became "famous" and widely used Internationally...because it was CHEAPER to produce!
80 + yrs later we are reaping in it's "success" or should I say "garbage"!

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We as humans are the "demand" for this industry - I'm guilty of that, it's obvious but I have no more room for "bliss" (ignorance) when my life or my future generations lives are on the line....literally!

No Demand = No Need
Demand = Eco-Friendly + Sustainability

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(some information but their is extensive research)

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