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Let's Celebrate our Nations Successes

The Success of One is the Success of us All

Benita Desjarlais‎ post on Saddle Lake Voices Facebook Group
January 5 at 10:50pm · Edmonton

Saddle Lake has some pretty amazing people... I wish we had a commemorative centre/museum where they could show SLFN history from before signing of Treaty till now.. Been through some amazing events and some amazing people have done great things representing this Nation...

Late Mr. Steinhauer - Lieutenant Governor of Alberta... Ms. Tenielle Whiskeyjack-actress and model as well as her daughter Mika... Isiah Cardinal and Silas Makokis- 2 episodes of Hit the Ice ( nationally televised) Late Jason Wood- Captain of the Fort Mac. Oil barons AJHL, and also my son Darien Cardinal- Alternate Captain OCN BLizzard MJHL.. there are probably many many more ... and cant forget the educated.. our coveted Doctors and Lawyers, RNs.. Teachers, Professors, Book writers, Business owners...artists... cowboys and cowgirls ..etc.. I am so proud of our Nation.. we are not a Sad Nation.. we are rich in history and history makers.. GN please correct me if I am wrong or give some input .. there are so many wonderful Saddle Lakers

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Courts Red Buffalo Home of the Warriors
January 5 at 11:34pm · Like

Courts Red Buffalo It's only a reservation... I like that odder tree better js
January 5 at 11:35pm · Like

Roxanne Cutknife I agree! Loud nd proud! Lots of great people!! Young nd old
January 5 at 11:51pm · Like · 3

Darlene Johnson Right on Saddle Lakers...woohoo!
January 6 at 9:33am · Like · 1

Darlene Johnson Awesome post Benita!
January 6 at 9:33am · Like · 1

Tubby Cardinal we have dr's and lawyers and business owners, artists, psychologists, social workers, educators, chefs, and we must remember the guys who do all the lay work for our communities I love Saddle Lake
January 6 at 10:50am · Like · 5

Benita Desjarlais Drifting cowboys.. Northern Cree. Fawn Wood, Carl Quinn...Kudos Education for having the Education Wall of Recognition.. Chip Cardinal and daughter Paige- Class 5 Calagry Stampede Champions- Cattle Penning.. the list can go on and on
January 6 at 11:21am · Like · 4

Courts Red Buffalo A met a really really old lady in the washroom.. Been sober her whole life minus a couple.. Very healthy really really old lady.. I forgot who she told me who she was... But I felt very delighted to met somebody that special, with her lifetime of experience
January 6 at 11:26am · Unlike · 3

Benita Desjarlais yup Honor our elders
January 6 at 11:26am · Like

Laurie Moosewah Awe my friend ur so awesome for mentioning sll the talent in r reserve,blessed New Years♡♡
January 6 at 11:31am · Like

Courts Red Buffalo Yeah I love profiling people So inspiring So famous XxO
January 6 at 11:42am · Like

James D. Bull Yes,Saddle Lake does have Amazing People,Athletes,Musicians and other Talented People,I am from Maskwacis and we have some also,Keep it Up Saddle Lake.

Shannon M Houle Let's do it Benita
We can add this info to website as a living list
January 7 at 8:51am · Like · 4

Tanya Mcgilvery Nd the dirty jk...i agree
January 7 at 10:10am · Like

Patrick Heavenfire Saddle Lake's inner beauty; diamonds in the rough.
January 7 at 11:50am · Like · 1

Courts Red Buffalo More nestled.. Birds.... Hugh way from EDM. R not straight up like in prairie regions
January 7 at 12:18pm · Like

Aski Kapimohtet Iskwew our treaty signatory chiefs, chief blue quill, chief pakan, chief wasatnow, chief onchiminahos, all those that made saddle lake what it is today. history! treaty and indian affairs brought saddle lake together. and it is this understanding of our histories, where we came from, to celebrate who we are to create dreams for our young people. it is what it is, we cannot undo these things but we can learn from them, grow and celebrate so we can start envisioning healthier and safer communities! yes i love my roots and where I am from! saddle laker for life! lol!
January 7 at 3:01pm · Like · 1

Ash Ley Barbara Dumigan n Trisha Dumigan my childhood friends are very successful n proud to say thr both still my friends. I think saddlelake should acknowledge them too
January 8 at 7:32pm · Like · 4

Chrisyann McGilvery Wow this is so interesting n do wonderful.....
January 8 at 10:31pm · Like · 2

Shannon M Houle
Harlan Pruden finds healing for LGBT First Nations in tradition
First Nations people who are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or...
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Jacqueline Short Let's not forget the elders who returned the ceremonies back to our people in the 70's.
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Let's start Listing our Successful Nation Members.

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