Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Okay, I started a new project; which I found while strolling through Indigo bookstore in Edmonton over the Christmas and New Years holidays.  I think I might just be able to keep up with this one-sentence journal.  I suggest you check it out...

It's also available at Chapters & I will also include the One-Sentence Journal Five-Year Record book for review

What could I loose, over the years I have tried to work towards improving my life and changing behaviours that don't work for me and my new life.  A new life I've been creating since I quit alcohol, drugs, and that toxic life in 1989.  I have found in the past 10 years I am not the only one wanting to change thinking patterns and behaviours, it's pretty prevalent in the books and movies being published/released.  Our thoughts influence our lives just as much as our actions.  I never thought that when I was younger, but when I look at other people who have researched positive ways of being, our thoughts are energy and we send them out there into the universe to be manifested.  This is so clear when I came across the movie, The SecretDr. Emoto's research on Messages from Water, and while I attended Choices a few years ago.

I highly recommend this book with the journal.

The Happiness Project Official Website

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