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The uninhabitability of the oil sands forests - Inside Politics

The uninhabitability of the oil sands forests - Inside Politics

Response by a woman whose First Nations family is directly impacted:
Canada's Natural Resources Minister, Joe Oliver, was quoted on CBC saying, "tar sands land is uninhabitable… uh… by human beings. So, you know, no community is being disrupted”. People and Planet (Peopleandplanet - UK) responded in support of First Nations people of Canada, "This is a bold-faced lie and an insult to the thousands of First Nations communities whose lives are being disrupted every ...What is the Canadian Gov't saying, First Nations people are not citizens, we don't fall under the definition of a body of people who inhabit land? I mean realistically if they considered us important then they would obviously know that what Mr. Oliver said on their behalf as the Minister of Natural Resources, was completely disrespectful and showed no cause and/or concern for our people... What about our traditional hunting lands, the traplines that our mosoms and khokoms, and tapans subsisted on? The places that we visited as children and even today we still go too, to pick berries, forage, find our medicines when someone is ill; someone struck by cancer of which they depend on those medicines that are natural to us - what if it were kikawiy ekwa/or kohtawiy that needed this, but the Canadian Minister has agreed to destruction because this land is 'uninhabitable' - useless... what would you do? Lack of concern for our Treaty Rights as First Nations people is not acceptable; we're being pushed aside on a daily basis, Government becoming more and more brave to now deliberate ignorance of us, and this is okay?I want it to be known that I am NOT against the oil and gas industry, what I am against however is the unethical stance these industries have had on the destruction of our land and environment, ecosystems, etc. It is so very important that we ensure in making agreement that they are upheld and abided by so as to protect our rights and our ability in the sustainability of the land and it's resources. Ethical issues are very sensitive and they must be treated in that manner - ensure your people are protected, ensure when you sign that line industry is legally responsible and ensure you fear not holding them accountable for not honoring the agreements set forth. ~ THIS is what I speak on, this is where my opinion lies, and this is where my committment is imbedded indefinitely. 
[UK Tar Sands Network] is a PERFECT example of the SUPPORT we have as First Nations people on a global level - Internationally people standing up in representation of OUR Treaty Rights; unafraid to challenege the Canadian Government in its attempts at deliberate ignorance against the Traditional lands and territories of which we occupy. PLEASE watch this and pass it on. 

Canada poses as “Friendly, Green Oil Giant” to win over UK universities
Original Website:“friendly-green-oil-giant”-to-win-over-uk-universities/

London, October 20th 2011 – Joe Oliver, Natural Resources Minister, met with staunch opposition at the London School of Economics (LSE) whilst promoting Canada as the next ‘Global Energy Superpower’ [1]. Protesters presented an alternative perspective to the one-sided lecture by asking difficult questions throughout. LSE students and activists presented Joe Oliver with the ‘Greenwash [...]

Liam Barrington-Bush is a Canadian working the UK for People and Planet

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