Wednesday, April 7, 2010

COMA 200 Continued Praise & Appreciation

I just wanted to take the time to thank my peers and my instructor for the great experience in the COMA 200 course. I will surely miss you all when this course ends April 20th; however I am comforted to know I have met such great people. People who I am confident will be great Teachers. Some of you are entering the Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (U of A granted) at the Lac La Biche Portage College campus this fall too; however, I will be taking my program at the Cold Lake campus. I currently work at the Saddle Lake Education Department in Saddle Lake, AB and drive an hour to my course twice a week, then I drive an hour & a half to Kehewin Cree Nation after my course. I get asked how I can do that, well...I have no complaints ~ I have a dream to fulfill and COMA 200 is helping me achieve it, plus, I'm having the time of my life in this course & look forward to it each week. Therefore, I wish you the best & I know I have made awesome friends for life.

I also took the EDIT 202 @ U of A and I was quite impressed with the COMA 200 set-up, especially the practical on-hands assignments and our constant use of technology, Internet, Smartboard, various media etc. I loved the way Blair Norton, our Instructor had us create an igoogle account & we used this account to access, complete, and submit our assignment work etc. We were also encouraged to do all our notes on the Google notes application so we can bookmark our Internet sites which will be used in the classroom when we are engaging our students and using technology to achieve academic success. A great big thanks to Blair for his Exceptional Work!

As parents and teachers, we need to be in sync with our children’s ability and new style of learning and engagement of academics. Children today are used to accessing information from various locations at the same time. Their brains are like little computers receiving data all the time in various formats. The theory we only utilize 10% of brains has to me a myth with our children today. I’ve watched children watch TV, text on the phone, use a computer, and listen to music at the same time. You ask them what they just heard, saw, did, or wrote & they can tell you. It’s quite amazing!

This is why I highly recommend the COMA 200, if you want to be a effective teacher who is “with it” with technology as the kids are.


Blair said...

Thanks for the comments Shannon. I, along with some of your classmates from the COMA class read your blog tonight after you left the class. It's not very often that we(teachers) get positive comments so your kind words mean a lot. I just know that you are going to be a great educator; where ever your travels take you I wish you the best. Keep in touch.

Shannon M Houle said...

I sure will keep in touch. I only said the truth & believe I have to thank the ones who are there for me. You and my classmates helped shape who I am today even if it was a short moment in time :)