Thursday, February 25, 2010

True Colors ~ get to know yourself & understand others

Well, I did my True Colors the first time about eight years ago and according to the first assessment eight years ago, I was a Gold-Green-Blue-Orange. That meant my Gold told me I was pretty much very organized, liked lists & making them, I liked lots of structure & rules etc. but my Green meant I was a thinker and liked to analyze and good at planning, strategy, and a great problem solver. My Blue said I was emotional, creative, & intuitive but the Orange was about adventure, risks, adventure, fun, & the freedom. My strongest traits were Gold my strongest & Orange my weakest. We are all of these traits just some are stronger than others.

However, as we change, grow, or are in situations which encourage certain traits we bring that part of us out. They also change over time and mine have certainly changed.

I recently did my personality assessment again and things have certainly changed. I was told that the assessment I did this past weekend was pretty much my True Color combination because I did the assessment in a safe & trusting environment. I am now Green-Orange-Gold-Blue. This assessment defiantly feels right!

It's quite interesting because these personality assessments can improve all types of relationships by helping us understand each other better by improving our professional, personal, and even platonic relationships.

If you would like to learn more check out True Colors website.

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